Nobel Prize in Physics 2022 goes to A. Aspect, J. F. Clauser and A. Zeilinger

Published on Oct. 4, 2022

The Erwin Schrödinger Institute congratulates Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger for the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022. They receive the prize "for experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell inequalities and pioneering quantum information science". We are particularly thrilled that 86 years after Viktor Franz Hess received the 1936 Nobel Prize, the Physics Nobel Prize returns to the University of Vienna. The ESI applauds Anton Zeilinger, a frequent visitor to the institute.

A summary on the pioneering research of Aspect, Clauser and Zeilinger can be found on the website of the Nobel Prize:

Press release of the University of Vienna:

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