Nucleosomes, Transcription Factors and the Regulation of Gene Expression: Lessons from Single Molecule Experiments

Ariel Kaplan (Technion Haifa)

Mar 16. 2020, 16:20 -- 17:00

Packaging of eukaryotic DNA into chromatin reduces the accessibility of regulatory proteins to DNA , making the structure and dynamics of chromatin essential components of the regulation of gene expression. However, a mechanistic understanding of the contribution of DNA sequence, histone variant usage and other factors to shaping the architecture of chromatin, and the mechanisms by which this architecture modulates expression of specific genes, are not yet completely understood, partly because of the inherent ensemble-averaging of traditional “bulk” methods. In our work, we use single-molecule force spectroscopy with optical tweezers to study the roles that DNA sequence, histone variants and epigenetic markers play in shaping the structure and dynamics of the chromatin at the promoters of genes.

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ESI Boltzmann Lecture Hall
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Chromatin Modeling: Integrating Mathematics, Physics, and Computation for Advances in Biology and Medicine (Thematic Programme)
Christos Likos (U Vienna)
Stephanie Portillo (NYU, New York)
Tamar Schlick (NYU, New York)