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The Erwin Schroedinger Institute for Mathematical Physics

Scientific Publications 2016

The following codes indicate the association of publications and preprints with specific ESI activities:

  • AGS = Measured Group Theory
  • ASA = Synergies between Mathematical and Computational Approaches to Quantum Many-Body Physics
  • BLT = Mixing Flows and Averaging Methods
  • DCC = ESI/CECAM-Workshop: Water at Interfaces: From Proteins to Devices
  • FMS = Nonlinear Flows
  • HPS = Challenges and Concepts for Field Theory and Applications in the Era of LHC Run-2
  • IS = Individual Scientists
  • JRF = Junior Research Fellow
  • MF = Current Trends in Descriptive Set Theory
  • RIT = Research in Teams
  • SRF = Senior Research Fellows
  • TSB = Normal Numbers: Arithmetic, Computational and Probabilistic Aspects

Thematic Programmes

Measured Group Theory (AGS)

  • L. Garncarek, Mini-course: property of rapid decay, arXiv:1603.06730 [math.GR].
  • Ś. R. Gal, J. Gismatullin, Uniform symplicity of groups with proximal action, arXiv:1602.08740 [math.GR].
  • A. Le Boudec, N. Matte Bon, Subgroup dynamics and $C^*$-simplicity of groups of homeomorphisms , arXiv: 1605.01651 [math.GR].
  • L. Grabowski, T. Schick, On computing homology gradients over finite fields, arXiv: 1410.1693 [math.GT].
  • M. Cavaleri, Computability of Følner sets, arXiv: 1606.04293 [math.GR].
  • G. Racher, On weak compactness in Fourier algebras.

Mixing Flows and Averaging Methods (BLT)

Nonlinear Flows (FMS)

  • G. Akagi, M. Efendiev, Allen-Cahn equation with strong irreversibility, preprint 2016.
  • G. Akagi, S. Melchionna, U. Stefanelli, Weighted Energy-Dissipation approach to dou-bly-nonlinear problems on the half line, J. Evol. Equ., 2017, to appear.
  • E. A. Carlen, J. Maas, Gradient flow and entropy inequalities for quantum Markov semigroups with detailed balance, arXiv:1609.01254 [math.OA].
  • L. Desvillettes, K. Fellner, B. Q. Tang, Trend to equilibrium for reaction-diffusion systems arising from complex balanced chemical reaction networks, SIAM J. on Mathematical Analysis, to appear.
  • K. Fellner, B. Q. Tang, Explicit exponential convergence to equilibrium for nonlinear reaction-diffusion systems with detailed balance condition, Nonlinear Analysis, to appear.
  • M. Friedrich, P. Piovano, U. Stefanelli, The geometry of $C_{60}$: a rigorous approach via Molecular Mechanics, SIAM J. Appl. Math. 76 (2016), 2009--2029.
  • D. Grandi, U. Stefanelli, Existence and linearization for the Souza-Auricchio model at finite strains, Submitted, 2016.
  • D. Grandi, U. Stefanelli, Finite plasticity in $P^T P$. Part II: quasistatic evolution and linearization, Submitted, 2016
  • E. Mainini, H. Murakawa, P. Piovano, U. Stefanelli, Carbon-nanotube geometries as optimal configurations, Submitted, 2016.
  • S. Melchionna, E. Rocca, Varifold solutions of a sharp interface limit of a diffuse interface model for tumor growth, arXiv:1610.04478 [math.AP].
  • L. Minotti, G. Savaré, Viscous corrections of the Time Incremental Minimization Scheme and Visco-Energetic Solutions to Rate-Independent Evolution Problems, arXiv:1606.03359 [math.AP].
  • Challenges and Concepts for Field Theory and Applications in the Era of LHC Run-2 (HPS)

  • Y.-T. Chien, I. Vitev, Probing the hardest branching of jets in heavy ion collisions, arXiv:1608.07283 [hep-ph].
  • M. A. Ebert, F. F. Tackmann, Resummation of Transverse Momentum Distributions in Distribution Space, JHEP 1702, 110 (2017), arXiv:1611.08610 [hep-ph].
  • S. Gangal, J. R. Gaunt, M. Stahlhofen, F. J. Tackmann, Two-Loop Beam and Soft Functions for Rapidity-Dependent Jet Vetoes, arXiv:1608.01999 [hep-ph].
  • A. Vladimirov, Soft factors for double parton scattering at NNLO, arXiv:1608.04920 [hep-ph].
  • M. Butenschoen, B. Dehnadi, A. H. Hoang, V. Mateu, M. Preisser and I. W. Stewart, Top Quark Mass Calibration for Monte Carlo Event Generators, Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, no. 23, 232001 (2016), arXiv:1608.01318 [hep-ph].
  • A. H. Hoang, A. Jain, C. Lepenik, V. Mateu, M. Preisser, I. Scimemi and I. W. Stewart, The MSR Mass and the ${\cal O}(\Lambda_{\rm QCD})$ Renormalon Sum Rule, arXiv:1704.01580 [hep-ph].
  • P. Pietrulewicz, D. Samitz, A. Spiering and F. J. Tackmann, Factorization and Resummation for Massive Quark Effects in Exclusive Drell-Yan, arXiv:1703.09702[hep-ph].
  • S. Abreu, R. Britto, C. Duhr and E. Gardi, The algebraic structure of cut Feynman integrals and the diagrammatic coaction, arXiv:1703.05064 [hep-th].
  • S. Abreu, R. Britto, C. Duhr and E. Gardi, Cuts from residues: the one-loop case, arXiv:1702.03163 [hep-th].
  • S. Caron-Huot, E. Gardi and L. Vernazza, Two-parton scattering in the high-energy limit, arXiv:1701.0524 [hep-ph]. A. J. Larkoski, I. Moult and D. Neill, The Analytic Structure of Non-Global Logarithms: Convergence of the Dressed Gluon Expansion, JHEP 1611, 089 (2016), arXiv:1609.04011 [hep-ph].
  • I. Feige, D. W. Kolodrubetz, I. Moult and I. W. Stewart, A Complete Basis of Helicity Operators for Subleading Factorization, arXiv:1703.03411 [hep-ph]. I. Moult, I. W. Stewart and G. Vita, A Subleading Operator Basis and Matching for $gg \to H$, arXiv:1703.03408 [hep-ph].
  • M. Diehl, J. R. Gaunt and K. Schönwald, Double hard scattering without double counting, arXiv:1702.06486 [hep-ph].
  • I. Moult, L. Rothen, I. W. Stewart, F. J. Tackmann and H. X. Zhu, Subleading Power Corrections for N-Jettiness Subtractions, arXiv:1612.00450 [hep-ph]. R. Boughezal, X. Liu and F. Petriello, Power Corrections in the N-jettiness Subtraction Scheme, arXiv:1612.02911 [hep-ph].
  • D. Neill, I. Scimemi and W. J. Waalewijn, Jet axes and universal transverse-momentum-depend-ent fragmentation, arXiv:1612.04817 [hep-ph].

Synergies between Mathematical and Computational Approaches to Quantum Many-Body Physics (ASA)

  • N. Wentzell, G. Li, A. Tagliavini, C. Taranto, G. Rohringer, K. Held, A. Toschi, S. Andergassen, High-frequency asymptotics of the vertex function: diagrammatic parametrization and algorithmic implementation, arXiv:1610.06520.
  • T. Schäfer, A. Toschi, and A. Eberlein, Magnetic fluctuations in the cuprates; role of frustration.
  • C. Watzenböck, M. Edelmann, D. Springer, G. Sangiovanni, A. Toschi, Magnetic dynamics in the different families of iron pnictides and chalcogenides.
  • C. Hille X. Cao, C. Honerkamp, P. Hansmann, S. Andergassen, Multi-orbital correlation effects in the Emery model.
  • Fabian B. Kugler, Jan von Delft, Multiloop functional renormalization group that sums up all parquet diagrams, arXiv:1703.06505.


Normal Numbers: Arithmetic, Computational and Probabilistic Aspects (TSB)

  • N. Alvarez, V. Becher, O. Carton, Finite-state Independence and Normal Sequences, arXiv:1702.00320 [cs.FL].
  • V. Becher, Adrian-Maria Scheerer, Theodore Slaman, On absolutely normal numbers and their discrepancy estimate, arXiv:1702.04072 [math.NT],[cs.OH].
  • V. Becher, Sergio A. Yuhjtman, On absolutely normal and continued fraction normal numbers, arXiv:1704.03622 [math,NT].
  • F. Ekström, T. Persson, Hausdorff dimension of random limsup sets, arXiv: 1612.07110 [math.CA].
  • El Houcein el Abdalaoui, On the Erdös flat polynomials problem, arXiv:1609.03435 [math.CO].

Current Trends in Descriptive Set Theory (MF)

  • R. Camerlo, R. Carroy, A. Marcone, Linear orders: when embeddability and epimorphism, arXiv: 1701.02020 [math.LO].
  • V. Gregoriades, The Dyck and Preiss separation uniformly.
  • F. Calderoni and L. Motto Ros, Universality of group embeddability, arXiv: 1702.03787v2 [math.LO].
  • S. Gao, S. Jackson, E. Krohne, and B. Seward, Continuous combinatorics of abelian group actions.
  • P. Schlicht, D. Schrittesser, S. Uhlenbrock, and T. Reinert, Variants of the Lebesgue density theorem.
  • J. Zapletal, Borel reducibility invariants in higher set theory.

Research In Teams Programme (RIT)

  • P. Poier, S. Egorov, Ch. Likos, R. Blaak, Concentration-induced planar-to-homeotropic anchoring transition of stiff ring polymers on hard walls, published in the journal of The Royal Society of Chemistry,, 2016.
  • R. Bandiera, F. Schätz, Eulerian idempotent, pre-Lie logarithm and combinatorics of trees, arXiv:1702.08907 [math.CO].

Senior Research Fellows Programme (SRF)

  • Y. Brenier, X. Duan, From conservative to dissipative systems through quadratic change of time with application to the curve-shortening flow, arXiv:1703.03404 [math.AP].
  • T. Gallouët, Q. Mérigot, A Lagrangian scheme for the incompressible Euler equation using optimal transport, arXiv:1605.00568 [math.NA].
  • A. Constantin, R.S. Johnson, A nonlinear, three dimensional model for ocean flows, motivated by some observations of the Pacific Equatorial Undercurrent and thermocline, 2016, submitted.
  • A. Constantin, R.S. Johnson, Large gyres as a shallow-water asymptotic solution of EulerÕs equation in spherical coordinates, 2016, submitted.

Simons Junior Professor Nils Carqueville

Junior Research Fellows Programme (JRF)

  • I. Lucardesi, M. Morandotti, R. Scala, D. Zucco, The location of a dislocation in a single crystal with prescribed Dirichlet boundary datum, submitted (2016). Preprint
  • R. Scala and U. Stefanelli, Linearization in incremental finite plasticity, in preparation.
  • D. Melching, R. Scala, U. Stefanelli, J. Zeman, Damage model for plastic materials at finite strains, in preparation.

ESI research in previous years: additional prints and arXiv preprints

The following papers complement the ESI preprints already taken into account in the previous years.

  • ABCF = 4th Central European Relativity Seminar, 2014
  • BDF = Algebraic quantum field theory: Its status and its future, 2014
  • EPDI = European Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • FGK = Forcing, Large Cardinals and Descriptive Set Theory, 2013
  • RYZ = Topological phases of quantum matter, 2014
  • P.T. Chruściel, M. Hörzinger, Compact singularity-free Kerr-Newman-de Sitter instantons, arXiv:1612.08569 [gr-qc], ABCF.
  • P.T. Chruściel, Long time existence from interior gluing, arXiv:1612.04523 [gr-qc], ABCF.
  • L. Bieri, P.T. Chruściel, Future-complete null hypersurfaces, interior gluings, and the Trautman-Bondi mass, arXiv:1612.04359 [gr-qc], ABCF.
  • Ch. Hilweg, F. Massa, D. Martynov, N. Mavalvala, P.T. Chruściel, P. Walther, Gravitationally induced phase shift on a single photon, arXiv: 1612.03612 [gr-qc], ABCF.
  • P.T. Chruściel, E. Delay, Non-singular spacetimes with a negative cosmological constant: II. static solutions of the einstein-maxwell equations, arXiv:1612.00281 [gr-qc], ABCF.
  • P.T. Chruściel, Anti-gravity à la Carlotto-Schoen, arXiv:1611.01808 [gr-qc], ABCF.
  • P.T. Chruściel, E. Delay, On Carlotto-Schoen-type scalar-curvature gluings, arXiv:1611.00893 [gr-qc], ABCF.
  • C. Jiang, F. Günther, J. Wallner, H. Pottmann, Measuring and controlling fairness of triangulations, to appear in Advances in Architectural Geometry, Springer-Verlag, 2016, EPDI 2015.
  • A.I. Bobenko, F. Günther, Discrete complex analysis on planar quad-graphs., to appear in Advances in Discrete Differential Geometry, Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg New York, Pages 57-132, 2016,, EPDI 2015.
  • Ch. J. Fewster, An analogue of the Coleman-Mandula theorem for quantum field theory in curved spacetimes, arXiv: 1609.02705 [math-ph], BDF.
  • P. Holy, P. Lücke, Simplest possible locally definable well-orders, published in the Journal of Fundamenta Mathematicae 236, Warszawa, 2017, Pages 101-139, FGK.
  • T.A. Loring, F. Vides, Local Matrix Homotopies and Soft Tori, arXiv: 1605.06590 [math.OA], RYZ.