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The Erwin Schroedinger Institute for Mathematical Physics

Scientific Publications 2015

The following codes indicate the association of publications and preprints with specific ESI activities:

  • BBS = Ergodic Theory and Holomorphic Dynamics
  • BMB = Infinite-dimensional Riemannian Geometry with Applications to Image Matching and Shape Analysis
  • EPDI = European Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • EWS = Quantum Many-body Systems, Random Matrices, and Disorder
  • FHL = Several Complex Variables and CR Geometry
  • GMS = Modern Theory of Wave Equations
  • GNV = The Interrelation between Mathematical Physics, Number Theory and Noncommutative Geometry
  • KRS = Arithmetic Geometry and Automorphic Representations
  • RIT = Research in Teams
  • SGS = Higher Structures in String Theory and Quantum Field Theory
  • SRF = Senior Research Fellows

Thematic Programmes

Infinite-dimensional Riemannian Geometry with Applications to Image Matching and Shape Analysis (BMB)

  • P. Balseiro, T. J. Stuchi, A. Cabrera, J. Koiller, About simple variational splines from the Hamiltonian viewpoint, 2016, BMB.
  • E. Bardelli, A. C. G. Mennucci. Probability measures on infinite dimensional Stiefel manifolds, 2016, BMB.
  • Martin Bauer, Peter W. Michor, Olaf Müller, Riemannian geometry of the space of volume preserving immersions, BMB.
  • Martin Bauer, Martins Bruveris, Philipp Harms, Jakob Møller-Andersen, A numerical framework for Sobolev metrics on the space of curves, arXiv:1603.03480, Code available on, BMB.
  • Martin Bauer, Martins Bruveris, Philipp Harms, Jakob Møller-Andersen, Second order elastic metrics on the shape space of curves, 1st International Workshop on Differential Geometry in Computer Vision for Analysis of Shapes, Images and Trajectories, 2015, arXiv:1507.08816, BMB.
  • Martin Bauer, Martins Bruveris, Philipp Harms, Jakob Møller-Andersen, Curve Matching with Applications in Medical Imaging, 5th MICCAI Workshop on Mathematical Foundations of Computational Anatomy, 2015, arXiv:1506.08840, BMB.
  • M. Bauer, B. Kolev and S. Preston, Geometric investigations of a vorticity model equation, Journal of Differential Equations (1), 260 (2016), Pages 478–516, BMB.
  • M. Bruveris, Optimal reparametrizations in the square root velocity framework, 2015. Preprint available at arXiv:1507.02728, BMB.
  • S. Calamai, D. Petrecca, K. Zheng, The Geodesic Problem for the Dirichlet Metric and the Ebin Metric on the Space of Sasakian Metrics, BMB.
  • B. Chhay, Contactomorphism Group with the $L^2$ Metric on Stream Functions, BMB.
  • F. Gay-Balmaz, Well-posedness of higher dimensional Camassa-Holm equations on manifolds with boundary, 2016, BMB.
  • N. Konovenko, V. Lychagin, Lobachevskian geometry in image recognition, Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics, BMB.
  • V. Lychagin, V. Yumaguzhin, Invariants in Relativity Theory, Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics, BMB.
  • C. Rottman , M. Bauer, S. Joshi and K. Modin, Weighted Diffeomorphic Density Matching with Applications to Thoracic Image Registration, 5th MICCAI workshop on Mathematical Foundations of Computational Anatomy, 2015, BMB.
  • S. Sommer, A. M. Svane, Modelling anisotropic covariance using stochastic development and sub-Riemannian frame bundle geometry, 2016.
  • A. B. Tumpach, S. C. Preston, Quotient elastic metrics on the manifold of arc-length para-metrized plane loops, 2016, BMB.
  • A. B. Tumpach, H. Drira, M. Daoudi, A. Srivastava, Gauge Invariant Framework for Shape Analysis of Surfaces, Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, BMB.

Arithmetic Geometry and Automorphic Representations (KRS)

  • J. Bruinier, S. Kudla, J. Funke, Degenerate Whittaker functions for $Sp_{n}(R)$, submitted, KRS.
  • N. Grbac, J. Schwermer, A non-vanishing result for the residual Eisenstein cohomology of arithmetic groups of low rank, to be submitted, KRS.
  • N. Grbac, J. Schwermer, Eisenstein series for unitary groups in view of cohomological applications in preparation, KRS.
  • C. Moeglin, D. Renard, Paquets d'Arthur des groups classiques complexes, submitted, KRS.
  • C. Moeglin, Paquets d'Arthur spéciaux unipotents aux places archimédiennes et correspondence de Howe, KRS.
  • G. Muić, Fourier coefficients of automorphic forms and integrable discrete series, arXiv:1505.02263, KRS.

Quantum Many-body Systems, Random Matrices, and Disorder (EWS)

  • R. Seiringer, S. Warzel, Decay of correlations and absence of superfluidity in the disordered Tonks-Girardeau gas, arXiv:1512.05282, EWS.
  • M. Napiórkowski, R. Reuvers, J. P. Solovej, The Bogoliubov free energy functional II. The dilute limit, arXiv:1511.05953, EWS.
  • M. Napiórkowski, R. Reuvers, J. P. Solovej, The Bogoliubov free energy functional I. Existence of minimizers and phase diagram, arXiv:1511.05935, EWS.
  • J. Huang, B. Landon, Spectral statistics of sparse Erdös-Rényi graph Laplacians,
    arXiv:1510.06390, EWS.
  • C. Benassi, B. Lees, D. Ueltschi, Correlation inequalities for the quantum XY model,
    arXiv:1510.03215, EWS.
  • H. Abdul-Rahman, B. Nachtergaele, R. Sims, G. Stolz, Entanglement Dynamics of Disordered Quantum XY Chains, arXiv:1510.00262, EWS.
  • M. Bishop, B. Nachtergaele, A. Young, Spectral Gap and Edge Excitations of $d$-dimensional PVBS models on half-spaces, arXiv:1509.07550, EWS.
  • V. Jaksic, C.-A. Pillet, A. Shirikyan, Entropic fluctuations in Gaussian dynamical systems, arXiv:1509.03244, EWS.
  • M. Aizenman, R. Peled, J. Schenker, M. Shamis, S. Sodin, Matrix regularizing effects of Gaussian perturbations, arXiv:1509.01799, EWS.
  • A. Giuliani, R. Seiringer, Periodic striped ground states in Ising models with competing interactions, arXiv:1509.00057, EWS.
  • P. T. Nam, M. Napi&oactue;rkowski, J. P. Solovej, Diagonalization of bosonic quadratic Hamiltonians by Bogoliubov transformations, arXiv:1508.07321, EWS.
  • E. Tarquini, G. Biroli, M. Tarzia, Level statistics and localization transitions of Lévy matrices, arXiv:1507.00296, EWS.
  • E. H. Lieb, J. P. Solovej, Proof of the Wehrl-type Entropy Conjecture for Symmmetric SU(N) Coherent States, arXiv:1506.07633, EWS.

Modern Theory of Wave Equations (GMS)

  • C. Bär, A. Strohmaier, A rigorous geometric derivation of the chiral anomaly in curved backgrounds, arXiv:1508.05345 [math-ph], GMS.
  • R. Brunetti, K. Fredenhagen, T.-P. Hack, N. Pinamonti, K. Rejzner, Cosmological perturbation theory and quantum gravity, arXiv:1605.02573 [gr-qc], GMS.
  • C. Dappiaggi, H. Gimperlein, S. Murro, A. Schenkel, Wavefront sets and polarizations on supermanifolds, arXiv:1512.07823 [math-ph], GMS.
  • J. Galkowski, The Quantum Sabine Law for Resonances in Transmission Problems,
    arXiv:1511.05091, GMS.
  • L. Li, A. Strohmaier, The local counting function of operators of Dirac and Laplace type, arXiv:1509.00198 [math.SP], GMS.
  • J. L. Marzuola, D. E. Pelinovsky, Ground state on the dumbbell graph, arXiv:1509.04721 [math.AP], GMS.
  • D. Prandi, L. Rizzi, M. Seri, A sub-Riemannian Santaló formula with applications to isoperimetric inequalities and Dirichlet spectral gap of hypoelliptic operators, arXiv:1509.05415 [math.DG], GMS.

Higher Structures in String Theory and Quantum Field Theory (SGS)

  • D. S. Berman, C. D. A. Blair, E. Malek, F. J. Rudolph, An Action for F-theory: $\mathrm{SL}(2) \times \mathbb{R}^+$ Exceptional Field Theory, arXiv:1512.06115 [hep-th], SGS.
  • G. A. Demessie, C. Sämann, Higher Gauge Theory with String 2-Groups, arXiv:1602.03441 [math-ph], SGS.
  • J. A. Lind, H. Sati and C. Westerland, A higher categorical analogue of topological T-duality for sphere bundles, arXiv:1601.06285 [math.AT]. SGS.
  • P. Ritter, C. Sämann, L. Schmidt, Generalized Higher Gauge Theory, arXiv:1512.07554 [hep-th], SGS.
  • P. Ritter, C. Sämann, $L_\infty$-Algebra Models and Higher Chern-Simons Theories, arXiv:1511.08201 [hep-th], SGS.
  • U. Schreiber, Equivariant cohomology of M2/M5-branes,, SGS.
  • R. Zucchini, A Lie based 4-dimensional higher Chern-Simons theory, arXiv:1512.05977 [hep-th], SGS.


The Interrelation between Mathematical Physics, Number Theory and Noncommutative Geometry (GNV)

  • E. Remiddi, L. Tancredi, Differential equations and dispersion relations for Feynman amplitudes.The two-loop massive sunrise and the kite integral. arXiv:1602.01481 [hep-ph] , Nuclear Physics B (tbp).
  • P. Morales-Alazan, K. Kirsten, Casimir effect for smooth potentials on spherically symmetric pistons, 2015, J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 48 495201
  • E. Panzer, The parity theorem for multiple polylogarithms, by Erik Panzer, arXiv:1512.04482.
  • J.Tekel, Matrix model approximations of fuzzy scalar field theories and their phase diagrams, JHEP 12 (2015) 176 arXiv:1510.07496.
  • L. Dabrowski, G. Landi, Franz Luef Sigma-model solitons on noncommutative spaces Lett. Math. Phys. 105 (2015) 1663--1688.
  • L. Hesselholt, Periodic topological cyclic homology and the Hasse-Weil zeta function

Ergodic Theory and Holomorphic Dynamics (BBS)

  • A. M. Benini, A note on repelling periodic points for meromorphic functions with bounded set of singular values, arXiv:1411.6796 [math.DS], BBS.
  • H. Bruin, D. Schleicher, Hausdorff dimension of biaccessible angles for quadratic polynomials, submitted to Fund. Math., BBS.

Several Complex Variables and CR Geometry (FHL)

  • L. B. Thaler, F. Forstnerič, A long $\mathbb {C}^2$ without holomorphic functions, Preprint, FHL.
  • D. N. Son, The Schwarzian derivative and Möbius equation on strictly pseudo-convex CR manifolds, arXiv:1512.01663 [math.CV], FHL.
  • B.-Y. Chen, Parameter dependence of the Bergman kernels, arXiv:1506.01146v2, FHL.
  • M. Čelik, Y. E. Zeytuncu, Analysis on the Intersection of Pseudoconvex Domains,
    arXiv:1601.08072 FHL.

Research In Teams Programme (RIT)

  • O. Pomazan, F. Kupka, H. Muthsam, A. Petrosyan, Studies of Solar surface dynamo for small Prandtl numbers with Large Eddy Simulations, in preparation, RIT.
  • O. Pomazan, F. Kupka, H. Muthsam, A. Petrosyan, Modelling of Solar granulation in presence of magnetic fields at extreme resolution, in preparation, RIT.

Senior Research Fellows Programme (SRF)

  • S. Kolodziej, N. Cuong Nguyen, Weak solutions of complex Hessian equations on compact Hermitian manifolds, arXiv:1507.06755 [math.CV], SRF.
  • J. Riest, L. Athanasopoulou, S. A. Egorov, C. N. Likos, P. Ziherl, Elasticity of polymeric nanocolloidal particles, Nature,, (2015), SRF.
  • M. Rauzi, U. Krzic, T. E. Saunders, M. Krajnc, P. Ziherl, L. Hufnagel, M. Leptin, Embryo-scale tissue mechanics during Drosophila gastrulation movements, Nature,, (2015), SRF.
  • N. Štorgel, M. Krajnc, P. Mrak, J. Štrus, P. Ziherl, Quantitative morphology of epithelial folds, Biophyscial Journal,, (2016), SRF.
  • T. Jimbo, Y. Sakuma, N. Urakami, P. Ziherl, M. Imai, Temperature-controlled self-reproduction cycle of binary vesicles, submitted, SRF.
  • P. Ziherl, T. Dotera, A geometric view of structure formation in soft colloids, in preparation, SRF.
  • P. Ziherl, Spontaneous curvature of binary lipid mixtures, in preparation, SRF.

Simons Junior Professor Nils Carqueville

EPDI Scholars (EPDI)

  • A.I. Bobenko, F. Günther, Discrete Riemann surfaces based on quadrilateral cellular decompositions, Preprint arXiv:1511.00652 [math.CV], 36 pages, 2015, EPDI.
  • A.I. Bobenko, F. Günther, Discrete complex analysis on planar quad-graphs. To appear in Advances in Discrete Differential Geometry, Editor: A.I. Bobenko, Springer, 74 pages, 2016. Preprint arXiv:1505.05673 [math.CV], 2015, EPDI.

ESI research in previous years: additional prints and arXiv preprints

The following papers complement the ESI preprints already taken into account in 2014.

  • ABCF = 4th Central european Relativity Seminar
  • ATV = Combinatorics, geometry, and physics
  • BDF = Algebraic quantum field theory: Its status and its future
  • BGS = Minimal energy points, lattices, and designs
  • FRS = Modern trends in topological quantum field theory
  • RIT= Research in Teams
  • RYZ = Topological phases of quantum matter
  • JF2009 = Junior Research Fellow in 2009
  • S. Burciu, On an analogue of a Brauer Theorem for fusion categories, arXiv:1503.04601 [math.QA], FRS.
  • S. Burciu, Categorical Green functors arising from group actions on categories, arXiv:1407.3994 [math.CT], FRS.
  • T. Johnson-Freyd, C. Scheimbauer, (Op)lax natural transformations, relative field theories, and the "even higher, arXiv:1502.06526 [math.CT], FRS.
  • P. T. Chruściel, J. Jezierski, J. Kijowski, Hamiltonian dynamics in the space of asymptotically Kerr-de Sitter spacetimes, arXiv:1507.03868 [gr-gc], DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.92.084030, ABCF.
  • P. T. Chruściel, P. Klinger, Vacuum spacetimes with controlled singularities and without symmetries, arXiv:1507.00158 [gr-gc], DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.92.041501 ABCF.
  • P. T. Chruściel, R. Gicquaud, Bifurcating solutions of the Lichnerowicz equation, arXiv:1506.00101 [gr-gc], ABCF.
  • P. T. Chruściel, L. Ifsits, The cosmological constant and the energy of gravitational radiation, arXiv:1603.07018 [gr-gc], ABCF.
  • M. Duetsch, Massive vector bosons: is the geometrical interpretation as a spontaneously broken gauge theory possible at all scales?, Rev. Math. Phys. 27 (10) (2015) 1550024, BDF.
  • M. Duetsch, Higgs mechanism and renormalization group flow: are they compatible?, Quantum Mathematical Physics - A Bridge between Mathematics and Physics', ed. F. Finster et al., Birkhäuser Verlag (2016), arXiv:1502.00099, BDF.
  • O. Bernardi, M. Bousquet-Mélou, Counting coloured planar maps: differential equations, arXiv:1507.02391 [math.CO], ATV.
  • C. Boutillier, J. Bouttier, G. Chapuy, S. Corteel, S. Ramassamy, Dimers on Rail Yard Graphs, arXiv:1504.05176 [math-ph], ATV.
  • G. Graziani, A. Makhlouf, C. Menini, F. Panaite, BiHom-Associative Algebras, BiHom-Lie Algebras and BiHom-bialgebras, arXiv:1505.00469 [math.RA], ATV.
  • T. Krajewski, I. Moffatt, A. Tanasa, Combinatorial Hopf algebras and topological Tutte polynomials, arXiv:1508.00814 [math.CO], ATV.
  • F. Vides, Dynamical Deformation of Toroidal Matrix Varieties, arXiv:1506.07470 [math.OA], RYZ.
  • J. S. Brauchart, Explicit formulas for the Riesz energy of the $N$th roots of unity, arXiv:1105.5530v2 [math-ph], accepted by Contemporary Mathematics (Proceedings of Constructive Functions 2014), BGS.
  • J. S. Brauchart, E. B. Saff, I. H. Sloan, Y. G. Wang, R. S. Womersley, Random Point Sets on the Sphere --- Hole Radii, Covering, and Separation, arXiv:1512.07470 [math.PR], submitted to Experimental Mathematics, BGS.
  • P. D. Dragnev, D. P. Hardin, E. B. Saff, N. Zorii, Minimum Riesz energy problems for a condenser with "touching plates", arXiv:1504.03805} [math.CA],, (2015), BGS.
  • L. Fukshansky, Height bounds on zeros of quadratic forms over Q-bar, arXiv:1508.00830 [math.NT], BGS.
  • Y. Kallus and W. Kusner, The local optimality of the double lattice packing, arXiv:1509.02241 [math.MG], BGS.
  • N. Zorii, Constrained Gauss variational problem for condensers with touching plates, arXiv: 1505.02596 [math.CA], BGS.
  • A. Carey, F. Gesztesy, G. Levitina, D. Potapov, F. Sukochev, D. Zanin, On Index Theory for Non-Fredholm Operators: A $(1+1)$-Dimensional Example, arXiv: 1509.01356 [math-ph], RIT.
  • A. Carey, F. Gesztesy, G. Levitina, F. Sukochev, On the Index of a Non-Fredholm Model Operator, arXiv: 1509.01580 [math.SP], RIT.
  • W. A. Moens, Arithmetically-free group-gradings of Lie algebras, arXiv:1604.03459 [math.RA], JF2009.