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The Erwin Schroedinger Institute for Mathematical Physics

Scientific Publications 2014

The following codes indicate the association of preprints with specific ESI activities:

  • ABCF = 4th Central european Relativity Seminar
  • AKM = Geometry of computation in groups
  • ATV = Combinatorics, geometry, and physics
  • BC = ESI/EMS/IAMP Summer School on Mathematical Relativity
  • BDF = Algebraic quantum field theory: Its status and its future
  • BGS = Minimal energy points, lattices, and designs
  • FG-Fu = Time-frequency analysis (Follow-up)
  • FRS = Modern trends in topological quantum field theory
  • RIT= Research in Teams
  • RYZ = Topological phases of quantum matter
  • SBS = Theoretical and applied computational inverse problems
  • SCH = Scaling limits and effective theories in classical and quantum mechanics
  • SRF = Senior Research Fellows

Thematic Programmes

Modern Trends in Topological Quantum Field Theory (FRS)

  • D. Adamovic, G. Radobolja, Free fields realization of the twisted Heisenberg-Virasoro algebra at level zero and its applications, arXiv:1405.1707 [math.QA], FRS.
  • A. Ballesteros, F. J. Herranz, C. Meusburger, A (2+1) non-commutative Drinfel'd double spacetime with cosmological constant, arXiv:1402.2884 [math-ph], FRS.
  • Á. Ballesteros, F. J. Herranz, C. Meusburger, P. Naranjo, Twisted (2+1) $?$-AdS algebra, Drinfel'd doubles and non-commutative spacetimes, arXiv:1403.4773 [math-ph], FRS.
  • D. Bar-Natan, Z. Dancso, Finite type invariants of w-knotted objects II: Tangles, foams and the Kashiwara-Vergne problem, arXiv:1405.1955 [math.GT], FRS.
  • D. Bar-Natan, Z. Dancso, Finite type invariants of w-knotted objects I: w-Knots and the Alexander Polynomial, arXiv:1405.1956 [math.GT], FRS.
  • C. Becker, Cheeger-Chern-Simons theory and differential string classes, arXiv:1404.0716 [math.DG], FRS.
  • C. Becker, A. Schenkel, R. J. Szabo, Differential cohomology and locally covariant quantum field theory, arXiv:1406.1514 [hep-th], FRS. A. Beliakova, K. Habiro, A. D. Lauda, M. Živković, Trace decategorification of categorified quantum sl(2), arXiv:1404.1806 [math.QA], FRS.
  • J. Bhowmick, C. Voigt, J. Zacharias, Compact quantum metric spaces from quantum groups of rapid decay, arXiv:1406.0771 [math.OA], FRS. C. Blanchet, An oriented model for Khovanov homology, arXiv:1405.7246 [math.GT], FRS.
  • C. Blanchet, F. Costantino, N. Geer, B. Patureau-Mirand, Non semi-simple TQFTs, Reidemeister torsion and Kashaev's invariants, arXiv:1404.7289 [math.GT], FRS.
  • C. Blanchet, F. Costantino, N. Geer, B. Patureau-Mirand, Non semi-simple sl(2) quantum invariants, spin case, arXiv:1405.3490 [math.GT], FRS.
  • I. Brunner, N. Carqueville, D. Plencner, Discrete torsion defects, arXiv:1404.7497 [hep-th], FRS.
  • U. Bunke, The universal eta-invariant for manifolds with boundary, arXiv:1403.2030 [math. AT], FRS.
  • U. Bunke, T. Nikolaus, Twisted differential cohomology, arXiv:1406.3231 [math.AT], FRS.
  • S. Burciu, On Müger's centralizer for a certain class of braided fusion categories, arXiv:1405.0240 [math.QA], FRS.
  • A. Carey, F. Gesztesy, D. Potapov, F. Sukochev, Y. Tomilov, A Jost-Pais-type reduction of Fredholm determinants and some applications, arXiv:1404.0739 [math.FA], FRS.
  • A. Carey, F. Gesztesy, D. Potapov, F. Sukochev, Y. Tomilov, On the Witten index in terms of spectral shift functions, arXiv:1404.0740 [math.SP], FRS.
  • J. Chuang, A. Lazarev, W. H. Mannan, Cocommutative coalgebras: homotopy theory and Koszul duality, arXiv:1403.0774 [math.AT], FRS.
  • F. Costantino, N. Geer, B. Patureau-Mirand, Some remarks on the unrolled quantum group of sl(2), arXiv:1406.0410 [math.QA], FRS.
  • M. Dadarlat, U. Pennig, A Dixmier-Douady Theory for strongly self-absorbing C*-algebras II: the Brauer group, arXiv:1403.1234 [math.OA], FRS.
  • J. Fuchs, J. Priel, C. Schweigert, A. Valentino, On the Brauer groups of symmetries of abelian Dijkgraaf-Witten theories, arXiv:1404.6646 [hep-th], FRS.
  • K. Habiro, T. Widmer, Kirby calculus for null-homologous framed links in 3-manifolds, arXiv:1404.0282 [math.GT], FRS.
  • M. Izumi, S. Morrison, E. Peters, N. Snyder , Subfactors of index exactly 5, arXiv:1406.2389 [math.OA], FRS.
  • E. Vernier, J. L. Jacobsen, H. Saleur, Non compact conformal field theory and the $a_2^{(2)}$ (Izergin-Korepin) model in regime III, arXiv:1404.4497 [math-ph], FRS.
  • E. Vernier, J. L. Jacobsen, H. Saleur, Non compact continuum limit of two coupled Potts models, arXiv:1406.1353 [math-ph], FRS.
  • R. Kashaev, Penner coordinates for closed surfaces, arXiv:1403.0180 [math.GT], FRS.
  • R. Kashaev, On beta pentagon relations, arXiv:1403.1298 [math-ph], FRS.
  • R. Kashaev, A simple model of 4d-TQFT, arXiv:1405.5763 [math.GT], FRS.
  • A. Kotov, T. Strobl, Gauging without initial symmetry, arXiv:1403.8119 [hep-th], FRS.
  • S. Lavau, H. Samtleben, T. Strobl, Hidden Q-structure and Lie 3-algebra for non-abelian superconformal models in six dimensions, arXiv:1403.7114 [math-ph], FRS.
  • M. Mombelli, S. Natale, Module categories over equivariantized tensor categories, arXiv:1405.7896 [math.QA], FRS.
  • S. Morrison, K. Walker, The centre of the extended Haagerup subfactor has 22 simple objects, arXiv:1404.3955 [math.CT], FRS.
  • S. Morrison, D. Penneys, 2-supertransitive subfactors at index 3 +Ã5, arXiv:1406.3401, FRS.
  • S. Morrison, E. Peters, N. Snyder, Categories generated by a trivalent vertex, arXiv:1501.06869, FRS.
  • J. Murakami, From colored Jones invariants to logarithmic invariants, arXiv:1406.1287 [math.GT], FRS.
  • S. Natale, E. Pacheco, Graphs attached to simple Frobenius-Perron dimensions of an integral fusion category, arXiv:1403.1247 [math.QA], FRS.
  • S. Natale, Crossed actions of matched pairs of groups on tensor categories, arXiv:1405.6970 [math.QA], FRS.
  • S. Novak, I. Runkel, State sum construction of two-dimensional topological quantum field theories on spin surfaces, arXiv:1402.2839 [math.QA], FRS.
  • N. Reshetikhin, J. Stokman, B. Vlaar, Boundary quantum Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations and fusion, arXiv:1404.5492 [math.QA], FRS.
  • N. Reshetikhin, B. Vertman, Combinatorial quantum field theory and gluing formula for determinants, arXiv:1403.6170 [math-ph], FRS.
  • G. Schaumann, Pivotal tricategories and a categorification of inner-product modules, arXiv:1405.5667 [math.QA], FRS.
  • T. Schick, The topology of scalar curvature, arXiv:1405.4220 [math.GT], FRS.
  • C. Schommer-Pries, N. Stapleton, Rational cohomology from supersymmetric field theories, arXiv:1403.1303 [math.AT], FRS.
  • U. Schreiber, Quantization via Linear homotopy types, arXiv:1402.7041 [math-ph], FRS.
  • M. Spitzweck, Algebraic Cobordism in mixed characteristics, arXiv:1404.2542 [math.AT], FRS.
  • K. Waldorf, String geometry vs. spin geometry on loop spaces, arXiv:1403.5656 [math.DG], FRS.

Combinatorics, Geometry and Physics (ATV)

  • O. Bernardi, M. Bousquet-Mélou. Counting coloured planar maps: differential equations, ATV.
  • S. Chmutov, F. Vignes-Tourneret. Partial Duality of Hypermaps, arXiv:1409.0632, ATV.
  • S. Dartois, A Givental-like Formula and Bilinear Identities for Tensor Models, arXiv:1409.5621, ATV.
  • F. David, The Formalism of Quantum Mechanics: an Introduction. Vol. 893. Lecture Notes in Physics. Springer, 2015. VII+157pp. ATV
  • B. Duplantier, A. Guttmann, The critical exponent for self-avoiding bridges, ATV.
  • K. Ebrahimi-Fard, F. Patras, Cumulants, free cumulants and half-shuffles arXiv: 1409.5664, ATV.
  • J. Ellis-Monaghan, I. Moffatt, The Las Vergnas Polynomial for embedded graphs, arXiv:1311.3762v2 (2014), ATV.
  • J. A. Ellis-Monaghan, I. Moffatt, A note on recognizing an old friend in a new place: list coloring and the zero-temperature Potts model, arXiv:1406.5532, ATV.
  • É. Fusy, A. Tanasa, Asymptotic expansion of the multi-orientable random tensor model, arXiv:1408.5725, ATV.
  • R. Gurau, T. Krajewski, Analyticity results for the cumulants in a random matrix model, arXiv:1409.1705, ATV.
  • E. Kalfagianni, C. Ruey Shan Lee, Crosscap numbers and the Jones polynomial, arXiv:1408.4493, ATV.
  • C. Koutschan, E. Suazo, S. K. Suslov, Multi-parameter laser modes in paraxial optics, arXiv:1407.0730, ATV.
  • D. Romik, R. Peled, Bijective combinatorial proof of the commutation of transfer matrices in the dense O(1) loop model, arXiv: 1407.5357, ATV.

Topological Phases of Quantum Matter (RYZ)

  • P. Werner, R. Sakuma, F. Nilsson, F. Aryasetiawan, Dynamical screening in $\mathrm{La}_2 \mathrm{Cu} \mathrm{O}_4$, arXiv: 1411.3952, RYZ.
  • R. Bondesan, J. Dubail, A. Faribault, Y. Ikhlef, Chiral $\mathrm{SU}(2)_k$ currents as local operators in vertex models and spin chains, arXiv:1409.8590, RYZ.
  • C. Bourne, A.L. Carey, A. Rennie, The bulk-edge correspondence for the quantum Hall effect in Kasparov theory, arXiv:1411.7527, RYZ.
  • C.-K. Chiu, A.P. Schnyder, Classification of reflection-symmetry-protected topological semimetals and nodal superconductors, Phys. Rev. B 90 (20), 205136 (2014), RYZ.
  • S. Yang, T.B. Wahl, H.-H. Tu, N. Schuch, J.I. Cirac, Chiral projected entangled-pair state with topological order, arXiv:1411.6618, RYZ.
  • Y. Du, C. Niu, Y. Tian, H. Zhang, Holographic vortex pair annihilation in superfluid turbulence, arXiv:1412.8417, RYZ.
  • D. Fiorenza, D. Monaco, G. Panati, $\mathbb{Z}_2$ invariants of topological insulators as geometric obstructions, arXiv:1408.1030, RYZ.
  • H. Song, M. Hermele, Space group symmetry fractionalization in a family of exactly solvable models with $\mathbb{Z}_2$ topological order, Phys. Rev. B 91, 014405 (2015), RYZ.
  • R. Kennedy, M.R. Zirnbauer, Bott periodicity for $\mathbb{Z}_2$ symmetric ground states of gapped free-fermion systems, arXiv:1409.2537, RYZ.
  • T.A. Loring, K-theory for pseudospectra of topological insulators, arXiv:1502.03498, RYZ.
  • D. Monaco, G. Panati, Symmetry and Localization in Periodic Crystals: Triviality of Bloch Bundles with a Fermionic Time-Reversal Symmetry, Acta Applicandae Mathematicae (to appear), DOI 10.1007/s10440-014-9995-8, RYZ.
  • G. W. Moore, Quantum Symmetries and $K$-Theory,, RYZ.

Minimal Energy Point Sets, Lattices and Designs (BGS)

  • L. Bétermin, Renormalized Energy and Asymptotic Expansion of Optimal Logarithmic Energy on the Sphere, arXiv:1404.4485, BGS.
  • L. Bétermin, P. Zhang, Minimization of energy per particle among Bravais lattices in $R^2$ : Lennard-Jones and Thomas-Fermi cases, arXiv:1402.2751, BGS.


Geometry and Computation in groups (AKM)

  • G. Arzhantseva, C. Cashen, J. Tao, Growth tight actions, arXiv:1401.0499, Pacific Journal of Mathematics, (2015), in press. AKM.
  • G. Arzhantseva, M. Steenbock, Rips construction without unique product, arXiv:1407.2441, AKM.
  • I. Bumagin, Time complexity of the conjugacy problem in relatively hyperbolic groups, arXiv:1407.4528 , AKM.
  • C. Cashen, G. Levitt, Mapping tori of free group automorphisms, and the Bieri-Neumann-Strebel invariant of graphs of groups, arXiv:1412.8582, AKM.
  • C. H. Cashen, J. Tao, Growth Tight Actions of Product Groups arXiv:1404.4335, AKM.
  • I. M. Chiswell, A. M. W. Glass, J. S. Wilson, Residual nilpotence and ordering in one-relator groups and knot groups, Math. Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. (2015), 158, 275-288, AKM.
  • A. Martin, M. Steenbock, Cubulation of small cancellation groups over free products, arXiv:1409.3678, AKM.
  • A. Zakharov, On the rank of the intersection of free subgroups in virtually free groups, Journal of Algebra 418 (2014), 29-43, AKM.

ESI/EMS/IAMP Summer School on Mathematical Relativity (BC)

  • P. Suárez-Serrato, R. Torres, A note on collapse, entropy, and vanishing of the Yamabe invariant of symplectic 4-manifolds, arXiv:1408.1586, Journal of Geometry and Physics, Vol. 86 (2014), pp. 383-391, BC.
  • R. Torres, Cauchy surfaces and diffeomorphism types of globally hyperbolic spacetimes arXiv:1407.2773, Class. Quantum Grav. 31 (2014) 175006, BC.

Algebraic quantum field theory: Its status and its future (BDF)

  • C. Becker, A. Schenkel, R. J. Szabo, Differential cohomology and locally covariant quantum field theory, arXiv:1406.1514, BDF.
  • M. Bischoff, Y. Kawahigashi, R. Longo, K.-H. Rehren, Phase boundaries in algebraic conformal QFT, arXiv:1405.7863, BDF.
  • M. Bischoff, Y. Kawahigashi, R. Longo, K.-H. Rehren, Tensor categories of endomorphisms and inclusions of von Neumann algebras, arXiv:1407.4793, BDF.
  • D. Cadamuro, Y. Tanimoto, Wedge-local fields in integrable models with bound states arXiv:1502.01313, BDF.
  • C. Dappiaggi, A. Melati, Curvature fluctuations on asymptotically de Sitter spacetimes via the semiclassical Einstein's equations, arXiv:1406.2223, BDF.
  • K.-H. Rehren, Algebraic conformal quantum field theory in perspective, arXiv:1501.03313, BDF. M. Wrochna, J. Zahn, Classical phase space and Hadamard states in the BRST formalism for gauge field theories on curved spacetime, arXiv:1407.8079, BDF.
  • J. Zahn, Locally covariant chiral fermions and anomalies, arXiv:1407.1994, BDF.

Time-frequency analysis (Follow-up) (FG-Fu)

  • A. Borichev, Y. Lyubarskii, Frame constants near critical density for irregular Gaussian Gabor frames, FG-Fu.
  • E. Cordero, K. Gröchenig; F. Nicola, L. Rodino. Generalized Metaplectic Operators and the Schroedinger Equation with a Potential in the Sjoestrand Class, J. Math. Phys. 55, 081506 (2014); FG-Fu.
  • S. Dahlke, F. De Mari, E. De Vito, S. Häuser, G. Steidl, G. Teschke, Different faces of the shearlet group, FG-Fu.
  • H.G. Feichtinger, K. Nowak, M. Pap, Asymptotic boundary forms for tight Gabor frames and lattice localization domains, arXiv:1501.05496, FG-Fu.
  • I. Pesenson, H. Feichtinger, H. Führ, Geometric space-frequency analysis on manifolds, FG-Fu.
  • M.V. de Hoop, K. Gröchenig, J.L. Romero, Exact and approximate expansions with pure Gaussian wave packets, SIAM J. Math. Anal., Vol.46 No.3, (2014) p.2229-2253; FG-Fu.
  • O. Hutnik, E.A. Maximenko, A. Miskova, Toeplitz localization operators: Spectral functions density, FG-Fu.
  • P. Jaming, K. Kellay, A dynamical system approach to Heisenberg uniqueness pairs, to appear in Journal d'Analyse Mathématique, FG-Fu.
  • M. Pap, A special voice transform, analytic wavelets and Zernike functions, survey paper (60 p.), Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics. Vol 188, 2015, FG-Fu.

Theoretical and applied computational inverse problems (SBS)

  • E. Beretta, M.V. de Hoop, L. Qiu, O. Scherzer, Inverse boundary value problem for the Helmholtz equation: Multi-level approach and iterative reconstruction, arXiv:1406.2391, SBS.

Research In Teams (RIT)

  • L. Funar, The topology of closed manifolds with quasi-constant sectional curvature, arXiv:1406.0327, RIT.
  • L. Funar, Y. Neretin, Diffeomorphisms groups of Cantor sets and Thompson-type groups, arXiv:1411.4855, RIT.
  • A. Carey, F. Gesztesy, G. Levitina, D. Potapov, F. Sukochev, D. Zanin, On index theory for non-Fredholm operators: a $(1+1)$-dimensional example, 2014, submitted. RIT.
  • A. Carey, F. Gesztesy, G. Levitina, and F. Sukochev, A framework for index theory applicable to non-Fredholm operators, 2014, submitted. RIT.
  • A. Carey, F. Gesztesy, G. Levitina, D. Potapov, F. Sukochev, and D. Zanin, Trace formulas for a $(1+1)$-dimensional model operator, 2014, submitted. RIT.

Senior Resarch Fellows Programme (SRF)

  • L. Dabrowski, G. Landi, F. Luef, Sigma-model solitons on noncommutative spaces, arXiv:1501.02331, SRF.

Simons Junior Professor Nils Carqueville

  • I. Brunner, N. Carqueville, D. Plencner, Discrete torsion defects, arXiv:1404.7497, Communications of Mathematical Physics, (DOI) 10.1007/s00220-015-2297-9, Springer 2015.

ESI research in previous years: additional prints and arXiv preprints

The following papers complement the ESI preprints already taken into account in 2013.

  • FNP = Teichmüller Theory
  • HS = Jets and Quantum Fields for LHC and Future Colliders (Thematic Programme 2013)
  • JS = Advances in the Theory of Automorphic Forms and their L-functions (Workshop 2013)
  • RIT = Research in Teams 2013
  • SRF = Senior Research Fellows 2013
  • L. Funar, M. Nguyen, On the automorphisms group of the asymptotic pants complex of an infinite surface of genus zeroarXiv:1308.6143, FNP.
  • A. Banfi, P.F. Monni, G. Zanderighi, Quark masses in Higgs production with a jet veto, JHEP 1401, 097 (2014), arXiv:1308.4634, HS.
  • M. Baumgart, A.K. Leibovich, T. Mehen, I.Z. Rothstein, Probing Quarkonium Production Mechanisms with Jet Substructure, JHEP 1411, 003 (2014), arXiv:1406.2295, HS.
  • T. Becher, G. Bell, Enhanced non-perturbative effects through the collinear anomaly, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 182002 (2014), arXiv:1312.5327, HS.
  • B. Dehnadi, A.H. Hoang, V. Mateu, Charm and Bottom Masses from Sum Rules with a Convergence Test, arXiv:1411.5597, HS.
  • P. Pietrulewicz, S. Gritschacher, A.H. Hoang, I. Jemos, Vicent Mateu, Variable-flavor-number scheme for final state jets in thrust, Phys. Rev. D 90, 114001 (2014), HS.
  • A.H. Hoang, D.W. Kolodrubetz, V. Mateu, I.W. Stewart, C-parameter Distribution at $N^3LL'$ including Power Corrections, arXiv:1411.6633, HS.
  • A.H. Hoang,ÊV. Mateu,ÊP. Pietrulewicz, Secondary Production of Massive Quarks in Thrust, arXiv:1412.6976, HS.
  • A.H. Hoang, P. Pietrulewicz, D. Samitz, Variable Flavor Number Scheme for Final State Jets, arXiv:1406.5885, HS.
  • D. Kang, C. Lee, I.W. Stewart, Analytic Calculation of 1-Jettiness in DIS at $O(\alpha_s)$, JHEP 1411, 132 (2014), arXiv:1407.6706Ê, HS.
  • M. Asgari, J.W. Cogdell, F. Shahidi, Local Transfer and Reducibility of Induced Representations of $p$-adic Groups of Classical Type, arXiv:1412.6191, JS.
  • J.W. Cogdell, F. Shahidi, T.-L. Tsai, Local Langlands correspondence for $GL_n$ and the exterior and symmetric square $\varepsilon$ -- factors, arXiv:1412.1448, JS.
  • W.T. Gan, S. Takeda, On the Howe duality conjecture in classical theta correspondence, arXiv:1405.2626, JS.
  • H. Grobner, M. Harris, E. Lapid, Whittaker rational structures and special values of the Asai $L$-function, arXiv:1408.1840, JS.
  • R. Holowinsky, R. Munshi, Z. Qi, Character sums of composite moduli and hybrid subconvexity, arXiv:1409.3797, JS.
  • D. Jiang, B. Liu, Fourier coefficients for automorphic forms on quasisplit classical groups, arXiv:1412.7553, JS.
  • H.H. Kim, T. Yamauchi, A Conditional construction of Artin representations for real analytic Siegel cusp forms of weight (2,1), Contemporary Mathematics (to appear), JS.
  • E. Lapid, Z. Mao, On Whittaker--Fourier coefficients of automorphic forms on unitary groups: reduction to a local identity, arXiv:1412.4886, JS.
  • A. Carey, H. Grosse, J. Kaad, On a spectral flow formula for the homological index, arXiv:1501.05453, RIT.
  • W. Ballmann, Einführung in die Geometrie und Topologie, Birkhäuser Basel (2015), SRF.