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The Erwin Schroedinger Institute for Mathematical Physics

Scientific Publications 2013

The list below contains publications associated with events at the ESI. An archive of all preprints published up to 2013 is available here. The following abbreviations are used to indicate specific ESI activities:

  • ARZ = Word Maps, and Stability of Representations
  • BOZ = Complexity, and Dimension Theory of Skew Product Systems
  • EPDI = European Post-Doctoral Institute fellow
  • ESI20 = ESI Anniversary: Two Decades at the Interface of Mathematics and Physics
  • FGK = Forcing, Large Cardinals, and Descriptive Set Theory
  • FNP = Teichmüller Theory
  • GKS = The Geometry of Topological D-Branes, Categories, and Applications
  • GSCH = Summer School, GEOQUANT 2013
  • HS = Jets and Quantum Fields for LHC and Future Colliders
  • IS = Individual Scientists
  • JS = Advances in the Theory of Automorphic Forms and their L-functions
  • RIT = Research in Teams
  • SAB = Scientific Advisory Board
  • SRF = Senior Research Fellows
  • TVW = Heights in Diophantine Geometry, Group Theory, and Additive Combinatorics

Publications in 2013

  1. L. Katzarkov, E. Lupercio, L. Meersseman, Alberto Verjovsky, Non-commu\-tative toric varieties, arXiv:1308.2774, GKS.
  2. G. Dimitrov, F. Haiden, L. Katzarkov, Maxim Kontsevich, Dynamical systems and categories, arXiv:1307.8418, GKS.
  3. M. Ballard, D. Deliu, D. Favero, U. Isik, L. Katzarkov, Homological projective duality via variation of geometric invariant theory quotients arXiv:1306.3957, GKS.
  4. S. Galkin, L. Katzarkov, A. Mellit, E. Shinder, Minifolds and phantoms, arXiv:1305.4549, GKS.
  5. M. Ballard, C. Diemer, D. Favero, L. Katzarkov, G. Kerr, The Mori program and non-Fano toric homological mirror symmetry, arXiv:1302.0803, GKS.
  6. G. Dimitrov, L. Katzarkov, Non-semistable exceptional objects in hereditary categories, arXiv:1311.7125, GKS.
  7. L. Katzarkov, A. Noll, P. Pandit, C. Simpson, Harmonic maps to buildings and singular perturbation theory, arXiv:1311.7101, GKS.
  8. B. Dehnadi, A. H. Hoang, V. Mateu and S. M. Zebarjad, Charm mass determination from QCD charmonium sum rules at order $\alpha_{s^{3}$}, JHEP 1309, 103 (2013), arXiv:1102.2264 [hep-ph], HS.
  9. I. W. Stewart, F. J. Tackmann, J. R. Walsh and S. Zuberi, Jet $p_T$ Resummation in Higgs production at NNLL'+NNLO, arXiv:1307.1808 [hep-ph], HS.
  10. V. Mateu and G. Rodrigo, Oriented event shapes at N$^{3$LL $+ O(\alpha_{S}^{2})$,} JHEP 1311, 030 (2013), arXiv:1307.3513 [hep-ph], HS.
  11. Y. Grossman, Z. Ligeti and D. J. Robinson, More Flavor SU(3) Tests for new physics in CP violating B decays, arXiv:1308.4143 [hep-ph], HS.
  12. A. Banfi, P. F. Monni and G. Zanderighi, Quark masses in Higgs production with a jet veto, arXiv:1308.4634 [hep-ph], HS.
  13. K. Hamilton, P. Nason, E. Re and G. Zanderighi, NNLOPS simulation of Higgs boson production, JHEP 1310, 222 (2013), arXiv:1309.0017 [hep-ph], HS.
  14. R. Boughezal and M. Schulze, ttbar+Large missing energy from top-quark partners: a comprehensive study at NLO QCD, Phys.\ Rev.\ D 88, 114002 (2013), arXiv:1309.2316 [hep-ph], HS.
  15. T. Becher, G. Bell, C. Lorentzen and S. Marti, Transverse-momentum spectra of electroweak bosons near threshold at NNLO, arXiv:1309.3245 [hep-ph], HS.
  16. Y. Li and H. X. Zhu, Single soft gluon emission at two loops, JHEP 1311, 080 (2013), arXiv:1309.4391 [hep-ph], HS.
  17. S. Gritschacher, A. Hoang, I. Jemos and P. Pietrulewicz, Two loop soft function for secondary massive quarks, arXiv:1309.6251 [hep-ph], HS.
  18. A. Hoang and M. Stahlhofen, The top-antitop threshold at the ILC: NNLL QCD uncertainties, arXiv:1309.6323 [hep-ph], HS.
  19. A. Ferroglia, S. Marzani, B. D. Pecjak and L. L. Yang, Boosted top production: factorization and resummation for single-particle inclusive distributions, arXiv:1310.3836 [hep-ph], HS.
  20. U. Haisch, F. Kahlhoefer and E. Re, QCD effects in mono-jet searches for dark matter, arXiv:1310.4491 [hep-ph], HS.
  21. M. Dasgupta, S. Marzani and G. P. Salam, QCD calculations for jet substructure, arXiv:1311.6514 [hep-ph], HS.
  22. Z.-B. Kang, X. Liu and S. Mantry, The 1-Jettiness DIS event shape: NNLL + NLO results, arXiv:1312.0301 [hep-ph], HS.
  23. L. G. Almeida, S. D. Ellis, Ch. Lee, G. Sterman, I. Sung, J. R. Walsh, Comparing and counting logs in direct and effective methods of resummation, LA-UR-13-28363, YITP-SB-14-02, arXiv:1401.4460 [hep-ph], HS.
  24. A. J. Larkoski, I. Moult, D. Neill, Toward multi-differential cross sections: measuring two angularities on a single jet, MIT-CTP-4525, arXiv:1401.4458 [hep-ph], HS.
  25. A. J. Larkoski, S. Marzani, G. Soyez, J. Thaler, Soft drop, arXiv:1402.2657 [hep-ph], HS.
  26. F. Amoroso, On a conjecture of G. R\'emond,, TVW.
  27. A. Bajolet, Y. Bilu, Computing integral points on $X_ns^+(p)$, revision of arXiv:1212.0665, TVW.
  28. Ch. Frei, M. Pieropan, O-minimality on twisted universal torsors and Manin's conjecture over number fields, preprint,, TVW.
  29. D. Gomez-Perez, I. Shparlinski, Subgroups generated by polynomials in finite fields, arXiv:1309.7378, TVW.
  30. I. Shparlinski, Polynomials values in small subgroups of finite fields, arXiv:1401.0964, TVW.
  31. Y. Antolin, D. Dreesen, The Haagerup property is stable under graph products, arXiv:1305.6748, ARZ.
  32. L. Diaz, K. Gelfert, M. Rams, Abundant rich phase transitions, arXiv:1303.0581, BOZ.
  33. J. Jaerisch, Conformal fractals for normal subgroups of free groups, revision of arXiv:1203.4301v6, BOZ.
  34. H. Grosse and R. Wulkenhaar, \emph{Self-dual noncommutative $\phi^4$-theory in four dimensions is a non-perturbatively solvable and non-trivial quantum field theory}, to appear in Commun. Math. Phys., revision of arXiv:1205.0465, RIT.
  35. P. Baum, E. Guentner, R. Willett, Expanders, exact crossed products and the Baum-Connes conjecture, arXiv:1311.2343, RIT.
  36. J. Spakula and R. Willett, Property FD, maximal $C^*$-algebras and non-amenable groupoids,, RIT.
  37. J. Spakula, A note on the Green metric on hyperbolic groups,, RIT.
  38. A. Carey, H. Grosse, J. Kaad, Anomalies of Dirac type operators on Euclidean space, url{arXiv:1310.1796}, RIT.
  39. A. Carey, J. Kaad, Topological invariance of the homological index, arXiv:1402.0475, RIT.
  40. V. Murg, V. E. Korepin, F. Verstraete, The Algebraic Bethe Ansatz and Tensor Networks, revision of arXiv:1201.5627, SRF.
  41. V. Murg, V. E. Korepin, F. Verstraete, Numerical Contraction of the Tensor Network generated by the Algebraic Bethe Ansatz, revision of arXiv:1201.5636, Phys. Rev. B 86, 045125 (2012), 552, SRF.
  42. E. Eriksson, V. Korepin, Finite-size effects from higher conservation laws for the one-dimensional Bose gas, J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 46 235002 (2013), SRF.
  43. L. Amico, S. Bose, V. E. Korepin, V. Bedroll, Classical Vs Quantum correlations in composite systems, Int. J. Mod. Phys. B vol. 27 n. 1--3 (2013), SRF.
  44. Y.-L. Zhang, Y.-N. Wang, X.-R. Xiao, L. Jing, L.-Zh. Mu, V. E. Korepin, H. Fan, Quantum network teleportation for quantum information distribution and concentration, Phys. Rev. A 87, 022302 (2013), SRF.
  45. S. Scott, Log-TQFT and torsion, arXiv:1306.6941, SRF.
  46. H. Ando, Y. Matsuzawa, Weyl-von Neumann theorem and Borel complexity of unitary equivalence modulo compacts of self-adjoint operators, arXiv:1402.6947, EPDI.

"Classical" Preprints for 2013

In addition to the aforementioned publications, the following "classical preprints" were submitted to the ESI in 2013:

Solvable Limits of a 4D Noncommutative QFT ESI Preprint No. 2429
Authors: Harald Grosse, Raimar Wulkenhaar
Self—Dual Noncommutative $\phi^4$—Theory in Four Dimensions is a Non—Perturbatively Solvable and Non—Trivial Quantum Field Theory ESI Preprint No. 2428
Authors: Harald Grosse, Raimar Wulkenhaar
Several Remarks on Groups of Automorphisms of Free Groups ESI Preprint No. 2427
Author: Yu. A. Neretin
Weighted Estimates for Fractional Type Marcinkiewicz Integral Operators Associated to Surfaces ESI Preprint No. 2426
Authors: Yoshihiro Sawano, Kôzô Yabuta
Fractional Type Marcinkiewicz Integral Operators Associated to Surfaces ESI Preprint No. 2425
Authors: Yoshihiro Sawano, Kôzô Yabuta
Inverse Uniqueness Results for One—Dimensional Weighted Dirac Operators ESI Preprint No. 2424
Authors: Jonathan Eckhardt, Aleksey Kostenko, Gerald Teschl
Singular Weyl—Titchmarsh—Kodaira Theory for One—Dimensional Dirac Operators ESI Preprint No. 2423
Authors: Rainer Brunnhuber, Jonathan Eckhardt, Aleksey Kostenko, Gerald Teschl
A Coupling Problem for Entire Functions and its Application to the Long—Time Asymptotics of Integrable Wave Equations ESI Preprint No. 2422
Authors: Jonathan Eckhardt, Gerald Teschl
Operator Algebra of Free Conformal Currents via Twistors ESI Preprint No. 2421
Authors: O.A. Gelfond, M.A. Vasiliev
Nondispersive Decay for the Cubic Wave Equation ESI Preprint No. 2420
Authors: Roland Donninger, Anil Zengino\u{g}lu
Divergence—Free Wavelets on the Hypercube: General Boundary Conditions ESI Preprint No. 2419
Author: Rob Stevenson
Projective Compactifications and Einstein Metrics ESI Preprint No. 2418
Authors: Andreas Čap, A. Rod Gover
Warped Frames: Dispersive vs. Non—dispersive Sampling ESI Preprint No. 2417
Author: Gianpaolo Evangelista
On Fourier Transforms of Radial Functions and Distributions ESI Preprint No. 2416
Authors: Loukas Grafakos, Gerald Teschl
to appear in: J. Fourier Anal. Appl., vol. 19, 2013, pp. 167—179
On the Images and Poles of Degenerate Eisenstein Series for $GL(n, \Bbb A_\Bbb Q)$ and $GL(n, \Bbb R)$ ESI Preprint No. 2415
Authors: Marcela Hanzer, Goran Muić
An Area Law for the Bipartite Entanglement of Disordered Oscillator Systems ESI Preprint No. 2414
Authors: Bruno Nachtergaele, Robert Sims, Günter Stolz
Product Vacua with Boundary States and the Classification of Gapped Phases ESI Preprint No. 2413
Authors: Sven Bachmann, Bruno Nachtergaele
Heat Kernel Based Decomposition of Spaces of Distributions in the Framework of Dirichlet Spaces ESI Preprint No. 2412
Authors: Gerard Kerkyacharian, Pencho Petrushev
The Fractional Clifford—Fourier Kernel ESI Preprint No. 2411
Authors: M.J. Craddock, J.A. Hogan
On the Essential Spectrum of Certain Non—Commutative Oscillators ESI Preprint No. 2410
Authors: Alberto Parmeggiani, Alberto Venni
On p—adic Colligations and 'Rational Maps' of Bruhat—Tits Trees ESI Preprint No. 2409
Author: Yury A. Neretin
Compactness Criteria for Sets and Operators in the Setting of Continuous Frames ESI Preprint No. 2408
Authors: M. Măntoiu, D. Parra
Arbitrary p—Gradient Values ESI Preprint No. 2407
Author: Nathaniel Pappas
accepted for publication in: J. Group Theory
Fast Evaluation of Asymptotic Waveforms from Gravitational Perturbations ESI Preprint No. 2406
Authors: Alex G. Benedict, Scott E. Field, Stephen R. Lau
accepted for publication in: Classical Quantum Gravity
Rank Gradient for Artin Groups and their Relatives ESI Preprint No. 2405
Authors: Aditi Kar, Nikolay Nikolov