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The Erwin Schroedinger Institute for Mathematical Physics

Nils Carqueville, Simons Junior Professor & Stefan Fredenhagen (U Vienna): Seminar: From Classical Physics to Factorisation Algebras

Seminar (250 084 SE): Monday, 15:15 - 16:45

Winter Term 2016/17

Begin: October 3, 2016

Flyer (pdf)


This seminar, intended for theoretical physicists and mathematicians alike, aims to motivate one of the modern rigorous approaches to quantum field theory: factorisation algebras. In the first half of the term, we will concisely introduce a number of classical physical theories in the Langrangian formalism, including the point particle in curved space, electromagnetism, Yang-Mills theory, and Chern-Simons theory. In a shorter, second part, we shall discuss the path integral in QFT as well as its functorial axiomatisation. Finally, in the third part we will motivate and introduce (pre-)factorisation algebras, and discuss several examples.

The seminar does not assume a special background in physics, geometry, algebra, or category theory, though some familiarity with some of these subjects will be helpful.



At a glance

Type: Lecture
When: Oct 03, 2016 to
Jan 30, 2017
Where: ESI, Schrödinger Lecture Hall
Organizers: Joachim Schwermer (ESI, U Vienna)
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