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The Erwin Schroedinger Institute for Mathematical Physics

Simon Lentner (U Hamburg): BiGalois objects and the Brauer Picard group

Dr. Simon Lentner, U Hamburg



I will explain the notion of a Hopf-Galois and -BiGalois object, which can be used to describe monoidal autoequivalences of representations categories of Hopf algebras. As an example I will show some curious occurrences in the category of representations of a finite group.  Then I will talk about my recent work on trying to determine the group of braided autoequivalences for the Drinfel'd double of a finite group and hence the Brauer Picard group. This work should have applications in Dijkgraaf Witten type Topological Field Theories.



At a glance

Type: Lecture
When: May 07, 2015
from 02:15 PM to 03:05 PM
Where: ESI, Schrödinger Lecture Hall
Organizers: Nils Carqueville (ESI, U Vienna)
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