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The Erwin Schroedinger Institute for Mathematical Physics

Modern Methods of Time-Frequency Analysis II

The activities will focus around the following topics and periods:

September 2012: Numerical methods in time-frequency analysis

October 2012: Phase space methods for pseudo-differential operators

November 2012: Operator algebras and time-frequency methods

December 2012: Time-frequency methods for the applied sciences

The programme comprises a total of six workshops. Schedules of the workshops:

"Applied Coorbit Theory" (Sept. 17 - 21)
"Phase retrieval" (Oct. 8 - 12)
"Phase space methods for pseudodifferential operators" (Oct. 15 - 19)
"Wavelet methods in scientific computing" (Nov. 12 - 16)
"Operator algebras and time-frequency methods" (Nov. 19 - 21)
"Time-frequency methods for the applied sciences" (Dec. 3 - 8)

At a glance

Type: Thematic Programme
When: Sep 10, 2012 to
Dec 15, 2012
Organizers: H.G. Feichtinger, K. Gröchenig
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